Care Home Support Service

Taurus Healthcare, on behalf of Herefordshire General Practice, provided direct medical support by telephone and video to Herefordshire care homes.

Set up during the COVID19 pandemic, the service provided additional weekend support to care homes for residents who were unwell or who had a non-emergency and non-COVID related medical need.

Care homes could contact a Taurus Clinician direct between the hours of 11.00 am and 4.00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, without having to go through NHS111.

The service proved invaluable in supporting care homes during the pressurised times they faced due to COVID19.

Taurus Services

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What People say about the Service:

“Excellent service and we managed to get the new medication within a few hours.”

“Great service, especially has access to medical notes. Very helpful knowing they call back within an hour. Staff are lovely. Please keep this service”

“The service was very good, received a call back immediately”