Owned by all of the General Practices locally, we are here to support you

We do this in three ways:

We support local practices

The federation continues to evolve its support to GP practices and underpin our collective resilience, working together where it makes sense to do so. Please contact us if you have ideas or need additional support.

Provide Clinical Services

Taurus runs some services directly on behalf of Herefordshire General Practice.  In particular, those where delivery would not be possible by individual practices.


We work with local health and social care organisations

We aim to support practices to spend as much time as possible providing clinical care to their patients. Ensuring General Practice is able to contribute to a range of meetings with other local health and care organisations is also critical to developing care shaped around the needs of our local population. So, wherever possible, we do this on behalf of Herefordshire General Practice

Herefordshire General Practice Leadership Team

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