Herefordshire Local
Medical Committee

Herefordshire Local Medical Committee

We are a democratic body. The LMC consists of GPs represented by constituency across the county of Herefordshire.

We also at times co-opt representatives to deal with areas of particular interests. The LMC has very close links with the General Practitioners Committee West Midlands covering the 13 LMCs across the whole of the West Midlands.

Following consultation with GPs and NHS England, the LMC's constitution, which guarantees that it is representative of GPs, is routinely amended. Every region of the nation has a Local Medical Committee, a local representative body where general practitioners are proposed by their colleagues. Ordinarily every two to four years, elections are held for these positions. Additionally, the committee makes sure that representation is balanced.

Like ICBs, LMCs are recognised by law and have statutory duties, but unlike ICBs, LMCs are independent and not themselves statutory entities. They are able to advocate for and support their GPs with such power because of their special status as independent representative groups that are recognised by law. LMCs are free to speak up on behalf of GPs, practices, and their patients when others cannot because they are answerable to the GPs they represent, as opposed to ICBs who are answerable to NHS England and the Department of Health.

The Health and Social Care Act strengthens the obligation that NHS Bodies interact with the LMC on matters pertaining to general practice. It's critical to realise that the British Medical Association (BMA) fulfills this function; the LMC is not a trade union and cannot act in that capacity.

The Herefordshire LMC sees itself as the voice of general practice at the neighbourhood level. We represent the interests of and provide assistance for specific GPs and practices, as well as the broader professional voice of general practice.

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