WBC Primary Care Network

Supporting patients registered with practices in WBC: Wargrave House, Belmont Medical Centre, Cantilupe and Hampton Dene Surgeries

Population: 30,069

...of whom 16% are over 70

Practice Staff: 54.53 WTE
PCN Team: 10.63 WTE

Covers: 61 sq miles

Care homes: 16
367 Beds

Major achievements during 2023/24

WBC Wellbeing Team has established a weekly health walk in partnership with Age UK and Healthy Living England. The team continues to build a presence at community venues with regular ‘drop ins’.


Patient information videos developed by WBC this year:

- A guide to statins created by WBC Pharmacy Team in partnership with Taurus. This  video helps patients understand what statins are and how they work, in order to help make an informed choice about medication.

-'What to expect at a Learning Disability Health Check' and 'A Guide to Vaccinations'.

WBC Health and Wellbeing Coach worked with a Practice Nurse, Herefordshire Healthwatch, Herefordshire Health Checkers and Taurus to produce films which help people and families living with Learning Disabilities. See the films here: Vaccinations and Health Checks


WBC welcomed a Mental Health practitioner to the PCN bringing expertise to the general practice teams, improved access for patients, and closer working with the Mental Health Neighbourhood Team. 


Key focus areas for the next year:

Working with Healthwatch to coordinate patient engagement and participation at PCN level. The initial focus will be on supporting patients to understand digital access.

Continue to develop group education sessions for people with Diabetes led by our Health and Wellbeing Coach. The first session was held in the Talk Wellbeing Hub in Maylord Orchards in April. There are plans to extend into other community venues this year.

Key People:

Dr Paul Harris 
PCN Clinical Director

Anna Straker
PCN Development Manager