South and West Primary Care Network

Supporting patients registered with practices in South & West Herefordshire: Alton Street (Ross-on-Wye), Pendeen (Ross-on-Wye), Much Birch, Kingstone, Golden Valley and Fownhope

Population: 42,558

...of Whom 21% are over 70

Practice Staff: 73.19 WTE
PCN Team: 17.47 WTE

Covers: 348 sq miles

Care Homes: 18
313 Beds

Major achievements during 2023/24

Establishing a team to enhance the health of all of our care home residents, led by a lead Care Home Nurse Coordinator.

Ensuring that 90%+ of our patients with learning disabilities worked with their GPs to put together a detailed plan to support their health needs in the coming year.

Establishing a physical hub at Ross Community Hospital for the PCN and social care staff to work from, enabling much better cross-service working.

Developing a Cost-of-Living Information booklet, which provides patients with up-to-date information about services that can support them during the current financial crisis.

Key focus areas for the next year:

Ensuring that 90%+ of our patients are able to access an appropriate primary care appointment within two weeks of contacting their surgery.

Working with our community partners to contact all of our patients who are registered as caring for a friend or family member to ensure that they have access to the health and social support that they need.

Partnering with Veterans’ organisations to find ways to support our patients who have served in the armed forces, both with access to health care and social care.

Continuing to work with our Care Homes to ensure that unnecessary trips to hospital are avoided for residents.


Key People:

Dr Edwina Gallagher
PCN Clinical Director

Su Suehr
PCN Development Manager