Social Prescribing

Social prescribing operates alongside existing medical treatments or as a stand-alone service to provide non-medical support within the local community.

Taurus Healthcare delivers the Social Prescribing service in Herefordshire on behalf of the Primary Care Networks (PCNs). The service enables healthcare professionals to link patients with all sorts of non-medical support. Working closely with colleagues in Herefordshire Council, it recognises that our health and well-being can be affected by a wide range of factors – including social, environmental and economic.

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As at 18 January 2023


Referrals have been received by the Social Prescribing service


Contacts have been made


Community groups have been connected with patients

Feedback received about the service from both patients and clinicians alike has been very positive, including:

“I thought you’d really like to know … that my patient thinks you are an absolute star and have helped him SO much :o) Big ‘up’ to Crista Gaunt! Virtual cuppa made for you.”

From a Herefordshire GP

"I think you helped push me in the right direction, doing more exercise at home and out walking has helped me a lot. Thank you."

Patient feedback

"The support has gone above and beyond any expectations I might have had."

Patient feedback

"I feel the support you have given me has brought me out of my dark hole. I am coping with things I couldn't do before. I have a new determination and it's all down to you."

Patient feedback

"The advice given to me has been very useful, I no longer feel trapped I now feel I have a choice."

Patient feedback

"Once I’d accessed the support of my social prescriber it opened up the doors for other support that is out there."

Patient feedback

"It is very supportive and suggests ways to help me that I never even knew existed."

Patient feedback

"I wouldn’t have had a clue about all of the help available to me if it wasn’t for this service."

Patient feedback

“You made me see myself again and I haven’t done that for years. I was just a mum and now I am me again.”

Patient feedback

Social prescribing in practice

Supporting social prescribing link workers

A series of short films featuring people who are actively involved in social prescribing talking about the difference that social prescribing can make to people, communities and systems