Herefordshire Analytics

Our Analytics team is made up of experienced professional data analysts. They work closely with Herefordshire’s PCNs and practices to provide population insights, EMIS expertise and other practice/PCN data-led support. This aids understanding of demand and capacity as well as helping with contractual requirements such as CEIF, IIF and the DES.

Our work includes:

  • Supporting PCNs with data collection, presentation and interpretation to aid understanding of population health needs, including identification of health inequalities.
  • Development of EMIS templates and appropriate coding guidance for areas related to PCN service delivery.
  • Providing EMIS training to practice staff, plus coordination and development of PCN Analysts to reduce duplication.
  • Providing leadership and representation at Place (Herefordshire), ICS and regional level.
  • Acting as the ‘go to’ place for advice and support for practices and PCNs.

For further information on how the team can support you, please message

The team also provides this service commercially to other PCNs outside of Herefordshire through Primary Care Analytics. For further information on the services available, visit the Primary Care Analytics website.