Herefordshire General Practice
Leadership Team

Working together to provide a single coordinated approach


Who are we?

The Herefordshire General Practice Leadership Team comprises:

  • Clinical Directors from each of Herefordshire's five Primary Care Networks
  • Herefordshire's GP Federation Leaders
  • The Local Medical Committee's Secretary
  • The Director of Primary Care from NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire


What is our role?

Our role is multi-faceted and includes: 

  • SUPPORTING General Practice sustainability and resilience 

  • Providing CO-ORDINATED LEADERSHIP and being the VOICE OF GENERAL PRACTICE at Place and ICS level

  • SUPPORTING PCN DEVELOPMENT and DELIVERY via a ‘Network of Networks’

  • Overseeing DELIVERY of CLINICAL SERVICES via our Federation: ‘GP 24/7’

  • Developing LOCAL SOLUTIONS to local problems

  • Providing a POINT OF ACCESS through which our partners can link to General Practice
What we are committed to

The Herefordshire General Practice Leadership Team is committed to:

  • Engaging  and communicating with GP practices and system partners

  • Ensuring what is right for patients is at the heart of decision making
  • Being the voice of Herefordshire General Practice

  • Providing Clinical Leadership

  • Collaborating and championing the role of place (ie Herefordshire)

  • Collaborating with GP Colleagues across the ICS via the ICS GP Provider Forum

  • Respecting Local Medical Council (LMC) responsibilities, with the LMC being our critical friend

  • Co-producing local GP contractual requirements with ICS colleagues
How we work

We will work together to provide a single co-ordinated approach

  • We will hold Weekly meetings, from 9-11 am each Tuesday. 

  • We will allow dedicated time for system partners to join us every other week.

  • Key decisions and actions will be captured and available

  • We will be transparent about any conflicts of interest


More information

If you would like to find out more about the Herefordshire General Practice Leadership Team, please Contact Us

Listen to this podcast from Ockham Health in which our MD and Director of Strategy & PCNs answer questions about Herefordshire’s GP Leadership Team