Who owns Taurus Healthcare?

Taurus Healthcare is owned by all of Herefordshire’s GP practices.

Who runs Taurus Healthcare?

Taurus Healthcare is run by a Board of Directors. Its Chair is Dr Nigel Fraser who, in addition to being a GP at Wargrave House Surgery, Hereford, is Secretary of the Herefordshire Local Medical Committee. Dr Mike Hearne is a GP and Taurus’ Managing Director. Other Board members include representatives from all five Herefordshire Primary Care Networks, a Director of Nursing and Quality, PCN Director of Strategy and Partnerships - Herefordshire, Director of Finance, Director of Transformation and Medical Director.


Is Taurus Healthcare in competition with GP surgeries?

No. Taurus Healthcare is here to support GP practices, not to compete with them. Taurus has three main purposes:

  • To support practices to be safe, effective, efficient and resilient
  • To deliver clinical services on behalf of GP practices that improve provision across the county
  • To provide strategic leadership and representation for Herefordshire GP practices
Is Taurus Healthcare seeking to replace GP surgeries?

No. Taurus Healthcare seeks to support GP surgeries. Day-to-day management and service delivery at your surgery will continue to be undertaken by your local surgery.

Is Taurus Healthcare a private company?

Yes. Taurus Healthcare is a private limited company. Its shareholders are all Herefordshire GP practices. That being the case, Taurus Healthcare is nevertheless run like a Community Interest Company. Any surpluses made are ploughed back into the company for the benefit of Herefordshire citizens and local healthcare provision.

Taurus Healthcare is all about ‘privatisation by the back door’, isn’t it?

No, this is not true. Although Taurus Healthcare is a private limited company, its shareholders are representatives from all Herefordshire GP practices.
Taurus Healthcare’s aim is to support Herefordshire GPs to be able to continue to offer their patients the high quality, reliable and safe services that they need both now and in the future.

Is Taurus Healthcare looking to expand its services to other areas of the country?

Taurus Healthcare’s focus is supporting GP practices in Herefordshire. We are strongly committed to the area and do not bid for any contracts unless they support our core purpose and geographical location.

Who does Taurus Healthcare act for or represent?

We represent all Herefordshire’s GP practices and act as a single voice on their behalf.