New video aims to answer GP patients' most common queries

New video aims to answer GP patients' most common queries

Herefordshire General Practice has released a new video that tries to answer the most common questions and concerns that patients raise with their GP Receptionists. These are:

  •  Why do receptionists decide who I can and can’t see
  • I want to see someone face-to-face – how is it right that I can’t get an appointment for weeks?
  • Why do you keep taking on more patients when you can’t manage the ones that you have already?
  • What’s wrong with me commenting about my GP practice on social media if I have a point to make?

The video can be viewed here.

Dr Mike Hearne, GP and Managing Director at Herefordshire General Practice Federation says:

 "We understand that patients are often anxious or worried when they contact their GP surgery. We are all committed to helping them access the right care, with the right healthcare professionals in the right place for them.

 “In creating this video and answering some of patients’ most common questions, we are aiming to help them understand how General Practice operates today. This has changed over the years in accordance with NHS England’s guidelines and in order to get the most out of the limited resources available to us.

 “We understand that patients have worries and concerns and are always looking for ways to improve our services. However, we would ask that patients raise any issues direct with their surgery and that they always treat our reception and other team members with respect and courtesy.”

 The video was created by a team drawn from across Herefordshire General Practice. Any comments or queries on the video should be addressed to:


10th May 2024

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