East Primary Care Network

Supporting patients registered with practices in East Herefordshire: Colwall, Cradley, Nunwell (Bromyard), Ledbury Health Partnership

Population: 30,186

...of whom 23% are over 70

Covers: 188 sq miles

Carehomes: 19
400 Beds

Major achievements during 2023/24

Expanded the PCN team to include a Safeguarding Care Coordinator, who will provide support for the surgeries' safeguarding leads and other staff. 

Developed a collaboration between the PCN's Wellbeing Team and Talk Wellbeing to implement a wellbeing hub in Ledbury, with other sites in the PCN currently being planned.

Proactively identified unpaid carers within the PCN at Covid vaccination clinics and offered social prescribing support from the Wellbeing team. 

Key focus areas for the next year:

The East PCN will continue to work across organisations including Herefordshire Council, Public Health, mental health services and district nursing to offer services in the community, closer to people’s homes. This will include health checks, treating immediate health concerns and connecting people to advice and support to stay well or manage their health and wellbeing more effectively.

The East PCN will also use data to identify people at higher risk of cardiovascular disease or cancer and make contact with patients to offer health screening and advice.

The Wellbeing Team will pro-actively go out in communities to identify and support people who need health and wellbeing assistance but aren’t accessing services.

Key People:

Dr Verity Wilkins
PCN Clinical Director

Matt Hagley
PCN Development Manager