Hereford Medical Group Primary Care Network

Supporting patients registered with practices in HMG: Hereford Medical Group

Population: 47,980

...of who 14% are over 70

Practice Staff: 94.37 WTE
PCN Team: 21.95 WTE

Covers: 135 sq miles

Carehomes: 16
422 Beds

Major achievements during 2022/23

HMG’s Safeguarding Officer was shortlisted for the General Practice Awards in recognition of the incredible support that she gives to system partners in dealing with safeguarding concerns. The award ceremony took place in London on the 8th December 2023.

Hereford Medical Group's Operations Manager featured in the national press in August to talk about the positive changes that are being brought about by the online triaging model, of which HMG are leading the way; and also spoke about some of the wider challenges faced by care navigation staff across the UK


Hereford Medical Group's PCN Clinical Lead for Enhancing Health in Care Homes, developed and hosted a ‘Living Well in Later Life’ conference for health and social care colleagues. The conference was very well attended by a variety of healthcare colleagues, and really helped to highlight that our community professionals are committed to working more collaboratively in delivering a high standard of care.

HMG has installed solar panels on the roofs of two surgery sites. Renewable energy is key to assisting the practice with lowering carbon emissions, achieving net zero and climate change objectives and reducing reliance on the national grid as well as saving money which can be redistributed to help provide updated and better services for our patients.


Key focus areas for the next year:

Working in partnership with Taurus Healthcare to increase the availability of appointments out of hours in line with patient feedback.

Development of a dedicated long term conditions hub that will provide a range of healthcare services and annual reviews to patients with long term conditions. The hub will be up and running from one of our sites in early 2024

Due to the complexities of patient requests, we have begun integrating a new online consultation tool called ‘Klinik’ to help support patients when they contact us with a request or query. The tool will also support the clinical staff who will be triaging the patient’s request. Klinik will replace existing Accurx online consultation and will provide a much improved experience for patients. This tool is currently being rolled out and a full triage model is expected to go live in 2024.

Key People:

Dr Erica Sibley & ANP Kerry Mills
Joint PCN Clinical Directors

Lucy Jones
PCN Development Manager